The wool: Uruguay sustainable hub

The natural development of all farm animals is guaranteed by our country’s farming methods. In Uruguay, animals are raised in large territories, with plenty of water and shelter where they live according to their natural development and with the minimum human interference. This creates the perfect habitat for the animal to live a stress-free life and grants the obtained mulesing-free wool with extraordinary length and fibre resistance, resulting high quality wool tops.
Moreover, Uruguay presents one of the lowest pollution levels in the world which sets extremely favourable conditions for animal health that, together with a four season climate, provide an ideal habitat for the flock to enjoy abundant water and shelter yearly.

Wool production is one of the main pillars of the Uruguayan economy. Sheep population in Uruguay is presently 6.5 million.

Good Animal Practices

Most uruguayan growers follow a “Good Animal Practices” guide to ensure the sheep live free from stress and in their natural conditions. Also in uruguay farmers have the support and assessment of the Uruguayan wool secretariat (SUL) which has the sole objective of continuously improving: Animal genetics.
Better practices in flock managing regarding new technologies.
Technical support for new and old growers.
Shearing conditions.