Knitwear Editorial

As a dedicated enthusiast of knitwear design, I provide design and development services to brands looking to establish or refine their knitwear lines, with a focus on promoting local production. Utilizing high-quality wool sourced from Uruguay and integrating leftover production yarns from Italy, I craft sleek, stylish pieces suitable for mass production. Like an alchemist, I experiment with various materials to address Uruguay’s limited access to stock service yarns. 

Did you know that Montevideo is the southernmost capital of the Americas? Our editorial, Alsur, celebrates several successful seasons, showcasing a curated collection of products from various clients and projects. Set in an extraordinary house designed and built by a modernist architect in the 1950s, this national historic monument provides the perfect backdrop for our editorial, infusing the looks with a Uruguayan modernist essence. 

The collection showcases a fusion of knitting techniques, from handcrafted crochet to polished industrial aesthetics. Each stitch tells a tale, blending tradition with contemporary flair.

Photography by @majo.caso