Manantial de los Andes

Capsule Collection for an Art Gallery

«Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future» – Robert L. Peters.

When approached by an art gallery to design a knitwear capsule, I was thrilled. This bespoke collection, crafted for an art sanctuary, draws its inspiration from the exclusive ambiance of Manantiales, a renowned Uruguayan seaside resort. Influenced by the gallery’s serene surroundings and the rhythmic melody of beach waves, our designs embody softness and fluidity, mirroring the graceful sway of coastal winds. Meticulously crafted by local domestic machine knitters, the collection pays homage to the timeless allure of alpaca and alpaca blends, carefully chosen materials that resonate with the gallery’s connection to their sister gallery in Peru. These luxurious materials evoke the coastal ambiance, seamlessly blending comfort with elegance.

A tribute to aficionados of simplicity and luxury, our collection unfolds as a visual odyssey, capturing transitions from the refined simplicity of monochromatic textures to the intricate dance of two-toned tuck stitches.