Knitwear collection for a vibrant upcoming brand

Founded on a collaborative friendship, I delved into the development of a knitwear line for the Uruguayan brand Margo. A talented young designer sought my expertise to craft a knitwear narrative that would complement her evening and ready-to-wear collection, characterized by playfulness, tropical vibes, and vibrant colors. Embracing the challenge, we crafted the Papillion collection, a versatile line of knitted garments, including pullovers, ponchos, t-shirts, skirts, and more.

Expanding beyond the brand’s traditional focus on eveningwear, we ventured into new territories, collaborating with various suppliers and establishing a unique design approach. Inspired by the lively energy of butterflies, the Papillion collection served as a canvas for bold color combinations and lightweight pieces. Our exploration involved experimenting with stitch and yarn combinations to achieve 3D effects, as well as exploring a range of graphic choices to add depth to the garments.

Margo Baridon’s AW22 Fashion campaign photographed by @brian__ojeda.