Wool Roots

Fashion Film

Developing a fashion film is a formidable undertaking. With the proud support of Montevideo Fashion Week, we embarked on a collaborative journey with cinematic artist Horacio Reyes Paez and local brand Don Baez  to create a visual narrative showcasing Uruguay’s wool and garment production process. Our objective was to encapsulate the essence of Uruguay’s sustainable fashion, exemplified by the exceptional craftsmanship of Don Baez, known for their meticulous work with undyed wool.

We sought to unveil the journey from sheep to shop, placing emphasis on the authenticity of locally made garments. The film’s soundtrack, composed by a local artist specializing in rhythmic compositions, features traditional percussion instruments like the bombo legüero, which enriches the storytelling, evoking the cultural richness of the Rio de la Plata region.

Through imagery capturing the Uruguayan countryside and the intricacies of the production process, we celebrate Uruguay’s cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable fashion. The film offers viewers an immersive experience, resonating with the rhythmic heartbeat of our roots as we breathe life into this visual voyage.