Virtual Knitwear Collection

Knitwear Collection crafted through avant-garde Virtual Knitting technology in collaboration with the esteemed Knitwear Lab Company. This groundbreaking initiative marks a shift from traditional physical knitting to the innovative realm of virtual development and visualization. Leveraging Virtual Knitting technology not only brings designs to life effortlessly but also minimizes substantial waste in the production process, propelled by the latest 3D- and Create software for enhanced sustainability, cost-efficiency, and design-driven sample development in knitwear production.

As a knitwear designer based in Uruguay, my expertise is deeply rooted in working with wool yarn, drawing inspiration from the vibrant countryside culture and the skilled craftsmanship of «guasqueros.» Exploring Uruguay’s enduring rural tradition, the collection’s silhouette and volumes are inspired by the gaucho, emphasizing the intimate link between the shepherd and the exquisite wool source. Specially developed yarn in collaboration with a Uruguayan mill, sourced from discarded “tops,” is meticulously combined in three colors, creating a subtle mouliné effect.

Knitwear development by KNITWEAR LAB @knitwearlab made with use of the latest Create software by KM.on @km.on and the flatbed knitting machines from STOLL by KARL MAYER @stollknitting

3D Visuals created by @virtualknitting team at KNITWEAR LAB using #Vstitcher by BROWZWEAR @browzwear